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Providing IT Consulting & Project Management services, specializing in assisting public safety agencies.

Featured Services

  • Cellular Service Migrations
    If you agency is thinking about exploring other cellular service providers, allow BlueGovTech to work on your behalf to negotiate incentives and provide your agency with a comprehensive report. If your agency decides to switch providers, BlueGovTech can handle all of the logistics, from contact negotiations, to deploying new devices. Offerings include: - Connectivity Mapping: Utilizing the BlueGovTech Maverick, we will physically drive all major roadways and neighborhoods in your jurisdiction to provide you a map of the cellular connectivity of the top three providers (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile). - Negotiations: We will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best incentives and pricing available. - Audit: We will complete an audit of all of your current devices and review the need to replace them. This often leads to agencies realizing they had been paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for lines of service that should've been cancelled. - Ordering: A customized portal is built so members of your agency can order their new device. We then handle all of the logistics to prepare for deployment, including providing the cellphone cases, screen protectors, and other accessories. - Deployment: We work with the carriers to organized a well timed deployment, efficiently getting new devices into the hands of users and collecting old devices. - Decommission: All collected devices are decommissioned and we ensure data is wiped from the device before we facilitate removing the device from the agencies inventory. Click here to see how we got Fort Collins Police Services over $250,000 in incentives for their migration from Verizon to FirstNet by AT&T.
  • Cellular Service Network Mapping
    Starting in August 2023, BlueGovTech is investing in outfitting a Ford Maverick truck to begin mapping the network coverage of AT&T (FirstNet), T-Mobile, and Verizon. Our new Maverick will allow us to work with jurisdictions around Colorado and be able to provide them data and maps specific to the network coverage in their area.
  • Customized Mobile App
    Increase community engagement and empower your PIO with a fully customized mobile app for your agency. This includes: - App for both the Apple App Store & Google Play - Web-based version of the app on a customized domain ( - On-going support and app store management - Promotional material Check our our project for the Westminster Police Department (App Store, Google Play, Web). Pricing is a one-time build fee of $3,500 and then $415/month for on-going support and hosting.
  • Inventory Tracking
    A customized inventory tracking solution for your most expensive assets. Imagine being able to open an app on your phone and with a simple search, view the contact details of any member of your department, the vehicle, laptop (MDT), cellphone, and radio assigned to that user. For many agencies, this data is kept in various excel files, and often leads to outdated or incorrect information. Our customized Microsoft PowerApp can help your agency manage all of these devices from a centralized portal. We also offer: - One-time equipment audits - Equipment upgrade management - Project management services, related to technology deployments and/or migrations
  • Managed Cellular Service
    BlueGovTech will create a customized portal for your agency, and manage all aspects of your account. Including: - Activating new users - Suspending/canceling lines of service - Providing phone cases & accessories - Annual audit - Customized billing - Customized notifications and dashboard for internal technology staff and/or centralized IT to view and search devices in order to managed mobile device management (MDM) With this service, BlueGovTech pays your monthly bill from your service provider and then bills your agency the amount of the bill plus our fee of 3.5%.
  • Project Management
    With over a decade of experience working in and supporting law enforcement, BlueGovTech understands the technology needs of agencies. If your agency is planning any of the below projects and/or technology deployments, we would be honored to assist: - Audits (equipment, staff, data) - Axon Interview Room deployment - Cellular service provider migrations - In-vehicle or body worn camera deployment - Technology deployments (cellphones, laptops, and other upgrades) - System implementations (CAD, RMS, Professional Standards, Evidence)
  • I work for FCPS and would like to complete my iPhone/iMessage appointment virtually right now.
    Great. We are happy to walk you through that process and get it completed for you. 1. Can you please open a web browser on your computer and go to: 2. Sign in using your old Apple ID, which ends in 3. Once you are logged in, please reply back to this chat.

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