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Working with organizations to design, build, and publish digital content on a variety of platforms. Including websites or native mobile applications, available on the App Store & Google Play. Learn more about completed projects.

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Leverage the Microsoft 365 applications and resources in your organizations subscription to build customized solutions. Learn more about how BlueGovTech can help your organization optimize your utilization of these powerful cloud base tools.

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With a background in law enforcement, municipal government, and non-profits, allow BlueGovTech to help manage your next project. View a portfolio of completed projects.


Creator/Owner: Kevin Marples

Welcome to BlueGovTech and thank you for your interest. My name is Kevin Marples and I am the creator/owner of BlueGovTech LLC. In 2011, I started my career in law enforcement with the University of Colorado Police Department – Boulder. While there, I began to dive into how law enforcement agencies process and share data, not only between agency staff, but with the community. After promoting to Corporal, I gained experience on some of the issues facing first-line supervisors and began building centralized data hubs, which were built on simple Google Sites. In 2015, I left CUPD to begin my career at the City of Boulder Police Department.

While at BPD, I worked in several roles, including Patrol Officer, SWAT Crisis Negotiator, Police Training Officer and finally, as a Detective in the Major Crimes Unit and member of the Boulder County Investigative Team. While in these roles, I continued to also build out operational dashboards, where agency staff could find commonly used resources. This also included building an internal mobile application, deployed through Intune Company Portal. In 2020, I led a project to meet with stakeholders across the City of Boulder and facilitate building and launching a publicly available mobile app for the Boulder Police Department. Since launching online, read more.

“I view BlueGovTech as a resource for organizations to temporarily increase their workforce to accomplish a project or implement a new application; which saves their current staff from being overwhelmed.


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