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BCSO Telecom Audit & Migration

Boulder County Sheriff's Office

Prior to this project starting, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) was utilizing Verizon as their cellular service provide. This project included the following milestones/deliverables:

  • Reviewing and completing an audit of the lines of services associated to the BCSO Verizon account.

  • Negotiating pricing and incentives with AT&T and T-Mobile, to create competitive bids for BCSO executive staff to review.

  • Ordering new devices for all BCSO employees and scheduling each staff member to receive a new device and trade-in their old device.

  • Managing the deployment of new SIM cards in 80+ in-vehicle CradlePoints.

  • Providing cell phone cases and accessories.

  • Reviewing and assisting in the management of the BCSO cellular service accounts for 90-days following the project to ensure account credits/billing were accurate.

  • Processed 220+ old devices to be removed from BCSO management accounts and sold to a reseller, providing additional funding back to BCSO.

Project Highlights:

  • Deployed 200+ new phones in a six-day period.

  • Utilized BlueGovTech's online scheduling platform to allow users to schedule appointments to upgrade their phone and vehicle equipment.

  • Negotiated competitive rates, terms, and incentives on-behalf of BCSO.

Project References

Division Chief Brian Zierlein -

Project Value

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