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Cellular Mapping: City of Grand Junction

Grand Junction Police Department

This project was sponsored by the City of Grand Junction Police Department, with the primary goal of evaluating the coverage of their current cellular service provider, as compared to other providers.

BlueGovTech utilizes three R1900 CradlePoint routers which are installed inside our Ford Maverick truck. Each CradlePoint is connected to an exterior dome antenna which is mounted to the roof of the vehicle. Inside each CradlePoint is a SIM card for a specific cellular service provider (CSP), with a dedicated CradlePoint and antenna for each CSP (FirstNet/AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon).

Over the course of three days, BlueGovTech collected 1,540 points of data at various locations across the City of Grand Junction. The focus of the data collection was within the city limits, and specific areas of concerned, as outlined by staff. Following the collection of data, the City of Grand Junction was provided a copy of the raw data report for all 1,540 points. BlueGovTech then evaluated this data, creating reports and providing them to City staff with data to evaluate the levels of network coverage and performance of each CSP.

Reports included:

  • Cellular Health Heat Map

  • Download Speed Evaluation

  • Interactive Map

Cellular Health Heat Map Example

Project References

Public Safety IT Supervisor Ryan Keith -

Deputy Chief William Baker -

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