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LEO Training Finder: A new project by BlueGovTech

The LEO Training app was built and is managed by BlueGovTech, a Colorado based IT Consulting & Project Management firm, started by retired law enforcement. Finding training should not be a complicated process and should not include searching through emails with PDF attachments and multiple state, federal, and private websites. We created the LEO Training app as a centralized location for:

  • Training providers to post available courses

  • Members of law enforcement to be able to quickly find training

Highlighted Features

  • View trainings on a map to select trainings going on near your location

  • Filter trainings by category (i.e. Officer Safety, Driving, PIO, and others)

  • Agencies and training providers can quickly submit training events to the platform

  • Did we mention.. it's free and there is no need to create a user account

The LEO Training app is completely free to download and use, for training providers and end users. BlueGovTech does offer options for advertising with in the mobile app but does not provide any user data to outside vendors. If you are interested in advertising on the LEO Training app, please email

We are currently testing the success of this project in the state of Colorado, with plans to expand to other states.

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