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Interim Sr. Project Manager

City of Fort Collins Police Services

In February 2023, the Sr. Project Manager for Fort Collins Police Services left employment with the City of Fort Collins. This created a vacancy in a very essential position for FCPS business operations. At the request of FCPS, BlueGovTech CEO Kevin Marples served as the interim Sr. Project Manager.

During his interim role, Kevin:

  • Consolidated all on-going projects into a central tracking portal through

  • Oversaw the technology projects taking place at FCPS and acting as the project manager for the following projects:

    • Axon Interview Room deployment in 14 interview rooms at FCPS headquarters.

    • Pac-set and in-vehicle radio inventory & audit.

Kevin’s interim role concluded after 3-months, when FCSP was able to hire a new full-time Sr. Project Manager. Kevin remained on-site and assisted with the transfer of knowledge and served as a key resource for answering questions and providing guidance to the new staff member.

Project References

Director, Information Services Justin Allar -

Project Value


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