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In-Vehicle Technology Upgrade & Deployment

City of Fort Collins Police Services

September 1, 2022 marked the beginning of a multi-year project to upgrade the technology in 145+ vehicles of Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS). FCPS invested in new technology to improve connectivity and ensure officers and other staff members working in the community each day, have the equipment and resources they need.

BlueGovTech was selected to manage the project, which includes:

  • Utilize the agency's Microsoft 365 licenses and applications to create a Technology Dashboard (Microsoft PowerApps), so staff can track all of the equipment in each vehicle, as well as the connected lines of service and associated subscriptions, in one centralized data hub

  • Manage vendor accounts to insure licenses, equipment, and accounts are all properly connected

  • Develop technology guides, documenting the calibration and settings of all components/services to ensure the technology is delivering the best available service to the end user

  • Managing the installation of new technology equipment and services for each vehicle, to include:

  • Sierra Wireless XR90 Router, with dual antennas

  • Installation of Equipment Docks & Mounts

  • AT&T FirstNet Service

  • T-Mobile Service

  • NetMotion VPN Service

  • AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM)

  • Successful integration of Dell Rugged laptops, with existing Verizon service

Once each vehicle is completed, the user will be able to utilize a wired connection from their in-vehicle Dell Rugged dock, to the Sierra Wireless router. The Sierra Wireless unit will primarily utilize AT&T FirstNet service, and T-Mobile service in areas of the Fort Collins with weaker AT&T coverage.

Project References

Director, Information Services Justin Allar -

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