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BPD Telecom Audit & Migration

City of Boulder Police Department

Prior to this project starting, the City of Boulder Police Department (BPD) was part of the City of Boulder’s cellular account with Verizon. This project included the following milestones/deliverables:

  • Reviewing and completing an audit of the lines of services associated to the BPD Verizon account.

  • Field testing with cellular phones and adapters for CradlePoint routes in patrol vehicles to test network coverage.

  • Completing reports specific to the findings of network coverage.

  • Completing financial analysis on the current annual spend for Verizon cellular service and comparing this to FirstNet, built by AT&T.

  • Drafting proposals to BPD executive staff on the findings and options to migrate to another service provide.

  • Negotiating pricing and incentives.

  • Ordering new devices for all BPD employees and scheduling each staff member to receive a new device and trade-in their old device.

  • Managing the upgrade of CradlePoint devices in 50+ patrol vehicle and ensuring the new hardware integrated with the Panasonic Toughbooks and Axon Fleet cameras.

Project Highlights:

  • Negotiated an in-building OneCell solution to cover 90,000 square feet of BPD headquarters with AT&T service. - $75,000 value.

  • Negotiated BPD to receive a free Compact Rapid Deployable (CRD) - $77,000 value.

  • Over 350 devices/users migrated to FirstNet.

Note: This project was completed by BlueGovTech CEO Kevin Marples while employed with the City of Boulder Police Department.

Project References

Deputy Chief of Police Ron Gosage -

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