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Public Media Presentations & Case Review

As a Detective with the Boulder Police Department, I was selected to be a member of the Major Crimes Unit as well as the Boulder County Investigation Team (BCIT). BCIT is a county wide team of investigators that responds to officer involved shootings or contacts that result in serious injury or death. My role on these team activations was to work with all of the participating agencies and to be the point of contact for maintaining a combined case file. This included coordinating the collection of reports, digital records, and physical evidence from multiple agencies. At the conclusion of the investigation, I would submit the case file to an agency executive for them to complete the executive summary.

Based on my knowledge of these cases and my technical abilities, I also was assigned the role of creating investigation summary presentations which were submitted to the Boulder County District Attorney's Office and then released publicly.

Examples of my presentations can be found for the following cases:

  • September 2020: Longmont Police Department Officer Involved Shooting

  • August 2020: Longmont Police Department Officer Involved Shooting

  • July 2020: Longmont Police Department Officer Involved Shooting

  • April 2020: Colorado State Patrol Vehicle Pursuit Resulting in Death of Offender

  • November 2019: Boulder Police Department SWAT Officer Involved Shooting

The ability of an agency to accurately compile case data, combine multiple media types, and then publish and comprehensive video surrounding an incident can increase public trust and outline key factors in legal decision making. If your agency needs assistance with these types of presentation, please contact BlueGovTech for an initial review.

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