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PrimeSource Staffing Microsoft Cloud Application Development

PrimeSource Staffing (PSS), started in 1996, is Colorado's largest staffing service, with four offices in the Denver Metro area. Focusing on providing qualified candidates to their clients, PSS staff are constantly in communication their clients and potential candidates. For years PSS had utilized Microsoft Access and on premises storage solutions to manage day-to-day operations and place candidates on jobs. This included a customized Microsoft Access database and an extensive amount of emailing outside of the system, and copying data from the database to individuals emails to facilitate company wide communication.

BlueGovTech spent over a week with PSS staff, learning about their process, the tasks associated with every job, and how they managed communication internally, with their clients, and with potential candidates. Following this on-site evaluation, BlueGovTech began designing a new cloud based solution, leveraging the Microsoft 365 applications had included with their business plan but were not fully utilizing. The new solution needed to meet the following objectives:

  • Streamline the workflow process, from the time a client submits a job, to when the successful candidates are provided to the client.

  • Eliminate of substantial decrease the amount of time staff spend copying data from the system and into individual emails.

  • Increase the reporting options for executive staff to review the work being done and the success rate of the overall company.

  • Make the complete solution available to all users without the need for them to login to a virtual machine through Citrix.

Over the course of a three months, BlueGovTech built PSS a customized cloud based solution to increase the efficiency of their staff and make their resources available from any location. This included:

  • The creation of a new SharePoint site on the PSS Microsoft 365 environment

  • Migrating on prem data to SharePoint lists

  • Building a customized Microsoft 365 PowerApp to be the user interface for all day-to-day operations.

  • Built in contact distribution lists, to allow staff to quickly send data to specific clients with the click of a button.

  • Building a customized mobile version of the PowerApp, for users in the field to access data from their phone.

During the entirety of the project, BlueGovTech routinely met with PSS staff, evaluated their needs and worked to build them a solution which was customized to meet the needs of all staff and their essential business operations. The project ended with a one week, on-site training and support period, making small adjustments and ensuring staff had all the tools they needed to succeed in the new solution.

Project Completion: August 21, 2022

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