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Boulder Police Department SharePoint Migration & Data Centralization

The Boulder Police Department, like many organizations, had utilized various worksheets, spreadsheets, and paper documents to manage day-to-day operations and organize essential information, such as employee data and public requests. This year long project had the following objectives:

  • Organize and migrate all data from an on-site server to a SharePoint site

  • Evaluate all current processes which utilize hand written paper documents and where possible, create a digital workflow to complete and process this data

  • Create a centralized platform for officers to publish, track, and review extra patrol requests, wanted persons, and officer safety information.

  • Create a scheduling platform to move all commissioned members of the department off of paper calendars and onto a digital solution.

  • Create a digital solution to process all Use of Force reports

  • Build a data collection platform which can be deployed to all staff which would allow officers to collect required data on all contacts, in accordance with the April 1, 2022 requirements, outlined in Colorado Revised Statutes

  • Centralize all agency data, specific to contact, biographic, and agency information for all employees

  • Build a system for members of the public to request records from the agency and a way for staff to track and respond to members of the public

During the discovery phase of this project, I met with members of every section of the agency and completed a workflow analysis on each task staff had to complete. This included going over every paper document and ensuring what data needed to be submitted to initiated a process and the work completed a each step as the data was processed.

At the conclusion of this project, I delivered an Operations Dashboard, which was built using the agency's Microsoft 365 resources. The Operations Dashboard included extensive programing and development, using the following cloud based resources:

  • Microsoft PowerApps

  • Microsoft PowerAutomate

  • Microsoft Forms

  • SharePoint

The Operations Dashboard provided a centralized data hub which is utilized daily by all members of the agency and is essential for business operations. The following are highlights of the Operations Dashboard.

  • Employee Data: Permissions were built into the application so that any user who logged in could view and edit their own data, such as emergency contacts, cellphone number, and home address. Executive staff could then review all employee data and access this information in real time, from any device with an internet connection.

  • Schedules & Staffing: A customized scheduling module was built which allowed executive staff to set minimum staffing levels for each shift, on any given date. Line level employees could view their schedules in real time and review shift schedules and take time off. Reports were also built in, so supervisors could print out a shift roster, assign officers to districts, and review time off.

  • Data Collection: In the Summer of 2021, the State of Colorado passed multiple pieces of legislation requiring specific data collection from individuals that law enforcement officers contacted. There was extensive overlap between the data the state required and what the agency required to process use of force investigations. Extensive research and planning went in to building a module which would allow officers to report contact data from their mobile device and this data could then be organized and reviewed by the chain of command. Customized reports and dashboards were also built so executive staff could evaluate this data and process monthly reports to the Colorado Department of Criminal Justice.

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