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Section 8: Employee On Boarding

8.1 Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the steps of on boarding a new employee and ensuring security measures are followed and that BlueGovTech is in compliance with applicable internal and partner agency policies.

8.2 Pre Employment

8.2.1 Criminal Background Check & Motor Vehicle Record

  • This process is completed through Checkr which conducts a national criminal history search and motor vehicle record search.

  • BlueGovTech is enrolled in the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Vendor Management Program. In compliance with that program and BlueGovTech policy, there are several ways a candidate can be disquallifed from employment with BlueGovTech. These disqualifacation standards are outlined in BlueGovTech policy, Section 9: Employment Disqualification.

8.3 Post Employment

8.3.1 I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

  • Form I-9 can be downloaded here - 

  • The form must be completed after an employee accepts a formal job offer and prior to their first day of employment.

8.3.2 CBI Vendor Managment Program Registration

  • The new employee must be added as a new Vendor User in the BlueGovTech CJIS Online portal. This process will initiate an invitation email to the new employee.

  • In an effort to uphold the strictest security policies, every employee is assigned the Security and Privacy Privileged Role.

8.3.3 CBI Vendor Management Program Fingerprinting

As part of the CBI Vendor Management Program, each employee must also complete a fingerprint based criminal background check.

8.3.4 CBI Vendor Management Program Documents

In compliance with CBI requirements, each BlueGovTech employee must complete and sign the Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Justice Information Services Security Addendum. The Security Addendum references the following documents:

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