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Project Summary

A preliminary review to the Thin Blue Line Careers project

Project Summary

The Thin Blue Line Careers project is sponsored by County Sheriff’s of Colorado, in partnership with BlueGovTech. The goal of the of the project is to provide law enforcement agencies in Colorado with a centralized hub to:

• Recruit potential candidates for career paths within Colorado law enforcement
• Publish and promote job opportunities at your agency
• More efficiently process applications
• Provide the technology which allows agencies to share applicant information and decrease the financial cost and number of staff hours dedicated to hiring
• Create a funding model which dedicates specific funds towards recruiting for law enforcement careers across the state of Colorado

The Thin Blue Line Careers project will be an online platform ( where potential candidates can review job opportunities for all career paths in law enforcement and agencies can have customized tools to more efficiently review, process, and hire employees.

The purpose of this summary is to provide agencies with details about the features which will be available on this new platform and begin the process of engaging with members of your organization who are currently managing the hiring process.

Project Core Team
• Robert Branham | County Sheriffs of Colorado - Program Manager |
• Kevin Marples | BlueGovTech – Project Manager |

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