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Funding & Recruiting

County Sheriff's of Colorado (CSOC) secure funding to launch new recruiting & hiring project.

Funding & Recruiting

In 2023, the County Sheriff’s of Colorado organization began working with BlueGovTech to create a proposal to build and launch the Thin Blue Line Careers portal. This information was then utilized to apply for funding from the State of Colorado’s State’s Mission for Assistance in Recruiting and Training (SMART) Grant Program. As a testament to the dedication of the CSOC staff, the State of Colorado awarded CSOC funding to cover the cost of building the technology for this platform and first year of annual fees for all 64 counties in Colorado. As a result, every sheriff’s office in Colorado will be able to be trained on and utilize this new platform for the first year at no cost to the agency.

In addition to providing funding to build the platform and pay for agencies to start using this new tool, a potion of the funding will be allocated specifically to recruiting for all careers paths in law enforcement.

The project is currently in the early stages of planning out the specific features of the platform before reaching out to stakeholders for engagement and feedback.

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