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Customized applications which allow agencies to ask specific supplemental questions and gain insights into the potential candidate.


The Thin Blue Line Careers platform will allow agencies to customize their application and supplemental questions to ensure the agency receives the information they had identified as most important to initial evaluate a candidate. In addition to the application, each agency and application applies to will gain access to the applicant’s profile.

The Applicant Profile is made up of the following sections:

• Profile: The biographical and contact information for the applicant. This is visible to the applicant and any agency the application submits and application to.
• Background Checks & Evaluations: Once an applicant applies to an agency, the agency is granted permission to view any background investigation reports, psychological exams, and physical exams which have been requested/completed by other agencies and uploaded to the portal. Though these items are linked to the individual applicant’s profile, the applicant cannot view these documents.
• Applications: Here the applicant can view all the applications they have submitted to agencies and the status of those applications. As with other items on the Applicant Profile, this section is visible to any agency who the applicant has submitted an application to.

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