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An Operations Dashboard built by BlueGovTech can centralize your agency's data, improve efficiency, and leverage the technology solutions available through your Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

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Innovation in Communication

Many agencies that utilize Microsoft 365, don't realize that the fees they pay to their Information Technology departments includes access to powerful tools and applications. In many cases, this includes access to applications such as SharePoint, Microsoft Forms, PowerApps & PowerAutomate. BlueGovTech can leverage the tools your agency already has to create new, efficient ways to process and view data. This includes such things as:
  • Automated Emails: Creating a portal where agency staff could send customized data to the public. For example, an officer could enter a victim's email, select a crime and an automated email could be sent to the victim. This could include things like a message from victim services, a link to your agency's Victims Rights Pamphlet as well as other information.
  • Data Processing: Utilizing the features of Microsoft Forms, SharePoint and PowerApps, BlueGovTech can create features such as processing requests from the public or keeping track of internal tasks. For example, a member of the public could complete a request for a crime report and that request could automatically be sent into a queue for staff to respond to. In addition, automated emails could be sent to agency staff and the requestor.
  • Centralizing Data: It is not uncommon for agencies to track staff data in multiple spreadsheets and documents. This includes things such as radio numbers, rank, date of hire, promotional dates, probationary periods, employee ID numbers and more. Imagine if all of this data could be combined into one central dashboard, and features could be built in to allow users to manage some of their own data while agency administrators can view and access other data, from any device with an internet connection. BlueGovTech can also build in multiple other features, such as creating New Employee work flows that will notify staff, such as the Training Section, HR and command staff about a new employee and their details.
  • Incident Management: Through a PowerApps dashboard, BlueGovTech could build out features which could collect and manage action items from a large incident. This includes things such as interviews, evidence tracking and other tasks. In addition, functionality like ID scanning can be built in to quickly collect victim/witness data and then assign staff to follow up. For example: A large incident happens in your jurisdiction and victims/witnesses are being bused to a collection point. Staff could be at the entryways, and either scan an ID or manually enter contact details for each person. These details could then be automatically populated in a queue where staff could easily view all contacts and assign staff to follow-up. 

Features & Pricing

BlueGovTech can create all of this using the tools and applications your agency is most likely already paying for, but not utilizing. By utilizing these applications, BlueGovTech can build entire dashboards and automations on your agency's current infrastructure. This means no additional logins, and no outside vendor software which would need to get approval by various departments and staff in your jurisdiction. In addition, all data is stored on agency resources.​

Pricing for building these solutions varies by what features and functionality your agency would like to be incorporated into the project. BlueGovTech will work with your agency to establish a project plan and provide up-front pricing to complete the project. Once your project is published, there are not additional costs unless your agency requests additional features or support, which is charged to the agency at an hourly rate. Most projects can be completed within 3-5 weeks at an estimated cost of $6,000-$8,000.
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